Ants running

I’m wide awake

But I don’t want to be

Bleary eyes and emotions

The heat hovers over the earth outside, tangible

I can taste it in the air.

Drip drip

From the shower next door

Neighbors I never hear but through their consumption of water.

The ceiling fans spins wordlessly, as I think of all I must accomplish today


Next week, this year.

On and on, to the sound of the keys clacking

And their shower gurgling.

Built-up life of made-up purpose

Trying to make a point:

But what?

Rub my face in hands

Stretch out, sigh and think.

I am running, but to where I cannot say

Maybe it’s time to slow down

And go a different way.

Where does that road lead,

Neither that do I know

We’re a hundred billion ants

Running scared through the world

Burrowing and digging new trenches

Before winter comes.

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