25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years of Life

  1. Put God above all else.
  2. Make seeking the truth a lifelong goal.
  3. Don’t fixate on pleasing other people.
  4. True friends will accept you for who you are, even the ugly parts.
  5. Dating is wildly overrated.
  6. But, there are many comforts to being in a relationship.
  7. Never stay with someone who doesn’t show you they value you.
  8. Never date someone with the idea that you can change them.
  9. Know what true self-care is (eating a diet that makes you feel energized, exercising regularly, being intentional about mental health) and practice it.
  10. Understand that everyone grows at different rates. Respect your journey and those of the people you come into contact with, too.
  11. There will always be things you want that seem too frivolous, or a waste of money. Focus on the bigger picture: Does it bring you joy? And will it break the bank? If the answers are yes/no, then spring for it. Life is short, and the small things are what make it special.
  12. Know the difference between a necessity and a luxury, and spend your money judiciously. Don’t get caught up trying to keep up with the Joneses.
  13. Invest in your true relationships, no matter where life takes you. Call and send thoughtful notes to those you love.
  14. Practice gratitude each day, out loud.
  15. When you feel slighted by someone, try to imagine their situation and what could have caused them to treat you like that.
  16. Extend grace to all, especially to those you dislike.
  17. Be open to criticism, and work on your weaknesses.
  18. Forgive yourself for mistakes made in the past, and offer others the same forgiveness.
  19. Be open to trying new things, and challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone.
  20. Be genuine. People will take notice.
  21. Nurture your relationships with family as much as you can. In the end, they will always stand by you.
  22. Learn about your finances, and find a good system for managing money and investing in your and your family’s future.
  23. Be generous, knowing everything you have is a gift from God.
  24. Understand and come to terms with your failures. It’s how you will learn to succeed the next time.
  25. Believe that God is good, no matter what.

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