My cup runneth over

I forgot to take out the trash this week
Remembering only after 10 a.m.
Running outside to wheel the bin to the curb
Only to see others askew
So, too, is my brain
Filled to the brim with thoughts piling up
My cup runneth over
Swirling around like a washing machine with a load of mixed colors
On spin cycle.
Plans to make, people to contact, work and errands and the future.
So fast, I have to hit pause
But there is no pause button on my washing machine.
I retreat to the woods to seek solace from my mind.
Even there I cannot escape
Thoughts striking like darts
Until I pull out my phone
And write them down as I hike
Dodging tree roots and typing
The deer stare, as if to say,
I shake my head, and they scamper away
Leaving me alone with the hum of birds in the forest
And my thoughts.

I forgot to take my laundry out of the dryer.

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