Quintessential Millennial: Making the best avocado toast

Hello fellow millennials (and beyond),

There’s nothing I look forward to more than my daily avocado toast.

Picture it: The bread, toasted to perfection, is still chewy. The avocado, cross-hatched and squeezed from its shell, creamy and vibrant. To top it off, a sunshine-y egg yolk drips delightfully down the side.


But what makes my avocado toast beyond reproach is the mixture of seasonings I use: Trader Joe’s “Everything But the Bagel” is exactly what it sounds like, while their chile lime seasoning adds a tiny kick and hint of citrus.

I recommend Trader Joe’s “Daily Bread” for the best toast. I used to be an Ezekiel bread devotee, but this bread is much chewier and better-textured (in my opinion).

Try it for yourself, or just watch me make a mess:

toast essentials

With love,

From Brooke’s kitchen

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