Content in Cambridge

Bed of leaves underfoot

Soggy, some still crunch

Brick and mortar buildings surround me,

Rising up like ghosts of the past

Ancient and historic

Reminiscent of a time when men shed blood on these streets to be free

Not so long ago, after all.

Towers in the distance toll

The sun sets

Wind whips across my face, pushing me back

I, warm-blooded, shiver.

Who am I, and where am I going?

Who am I; where do I belong?

All I know is from whence I am coming

I wish I could decide where is home.

But, I suspect

There is no answer

Because, you see, this earth is not home

So for now, I will content myself

Here in the leaves and the wind and the chill

Walking down Massachusetts Street

Content in Cambridge

For now, alone.



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