Peace and Road Rage


Driving down the road, on my way home.


Stopped traffic in an intersection.

I crane my neck:

A city bus has made a stop.

Impatient, I don’t think

I change lanes when I see a space, tiny as it may be

And suffer the wrath

A silver Honda honks

Then, speeds up to pass me

Window rolled down,

Hoarse female voice:

“Stupid motherfucker!”

When, on the senseless maze of freeway that circumscribes Las Vegas

I have been cut off

Brutally, dangerously

I do not feel rage, though I might honk.

I’m reminded of the temporal nature of life.

I smile, give thanks

And continue on.

Back in the present, though:

Continued yelling from the woman in the silver Honda.

I do not hear.

But I laugh internally

For even though I am in the wrong this time

They are the ones who have lost.


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