It Rained Today in the Desert

It rained today

In the desert

Deep puddles of murky brown obstructed the roads

Stones strewn about the streets

Crews worked to clear a way.

In the late afternoon, I wander

Out past the last neighborhood

Past the crackling poles of electricity

that run parallel for miles.

A finite border on the outskirts of town.

Down into the fossil beds I go.

Worn corduroy Toms kicking up broken bits of shale.

Down – then up –

Onto a plateau

Though it just rained

A faint trace of dampness is all that remains

For the desert is all-consuming

It takes your water,

your breath,

your life.

I stand here

At desert’s edge

And I feel it begin to tug at my soul.

Wind whips

as I stare into the vast expanse.

Behind me is the sound of an engine

far in the distance.

A motorbike roars to life.

But I stare ahead and wonder

Who would I be if I surrendered

my soul to this plain.

History lost in time.

I breathe out.

Stretching taller toward the sun.

Then turn back

To civilization.

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