Today I washed my hair

Today I washed my hair

But I might as well not have

Because no one saw it to care


Not no one

My roommate, as we passed in the halls

And two dogs,

A German shepherd and a bichon

They didn’t seem to mind my hair dirty.

Perhaps my freshly laundered sheets appreciated the effort;

clean hair on a clean pillowcase.

On my head that laid there for a while today.

Propped up, reading, writing, watching TV.

But none of these activities cared that I had washed my hair.

They say it’s best to clean it every other day, so I try.

Nearly three days, is how long I go

And when I do wash it, I feel like I’ve been born again

Squeaky with a scent of lavender

A feeling I’ll never forget

But today

I still feel I’ve wasted a good shampoo

On a day without humans.


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