An ode to my air mattress

My life:




Sort of like my bed.

My sleeping place for the past six months; an air mattress.

Not just any air mattress, I tell enquiring minds.

A luxury queen air mattress, the best 70 bucks can buy.

Perfectly comfortable, but a little too giving when I recline too far.

I must always remind her of her place; she may be queen, but I am king.

And so I push her back into the corner, against the wall when she juts out defiantly.

Sheathed in white, from my colorless sheets and pillowcases to the simple comforter.

A throwback to college, when my life was planned out a year in advance.

A mingling of the old and the new; it symbolizes


Who knows where we will go?

Me and my blow up bed.



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