In the Land of AZ

Hi friends,

My last post was about a short trip I took in California. This post is about the trip that immediately followed. I drove to Phoenix to visit my college roommate and best friend, who is living in Tempe with her sister.

Since graduation two months ago, I’d been excited for the visit. We both knew we had to pack as much into the weekend (well, 5 day weekend) as possible. We were once nicknamed the Turn Up Twins, which should say something about our personalities.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

-A spur of the moment Jason Aldean concert, opened by Thomas Rhett (would have paid more to see him as the headliner!)

-Driving through the Tonto National Forest, which seemed like more of a vegetated desert. Parking at the lake and river without a recreation pass and not getting ticketed.

-Bar hopping with the ASU kids. When they said “Let’s go to Whiskey Row,” I thought I must have died and gone to heaven. Little did I know that was the name of a bar, and not a whole string of whiskey-serving bars. Still my favorite, though.

-Going to a rooftop pool party and messing around with beach balls

– Delicious Mexican food and margaritas the size of your face

-Meeting a stranger’s beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback.

-Going on an inner tube float down the Salt River in Mesa. Drinking an actual pail full of margaritas. Seeing wild horses at the edge of the river.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

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xx, Brooke

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