Summer Sunsets

Ah, those summertime beach sunsets. I’m more of a sunrise girl myself. Even though I like getting up early, I’m not so much of a morning person that I’d drag myself out of bed at 5 a.m. to get to the beach and watch the sun rise. Not often, anyway.

Crystal cove sunset
Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach

But sunsets? I can’t get enough. No matter how bored I am, driving to the beach to see the sun drifting toward the horizon is enough to snap me out of it. It can be the main event of the day. I don’t need my phone (except to take pictures, obviously). I don’t need a book. I can just walk in silence and peace and observe the world around me. It’s the golden hour!

Strands sunset
Strands Beach, Dana Point

It’s also the hour where people start packing up blankets, coolers, umbrellas and kids to lug them all back to the car. The hour you stumble awkwardly into the path of an aspiring model and her photographer friend trying to get in some good shots. It’s when you see parents trying to take one last video of the day; something that will last even when their kids are off to school in the fall and then out in the world. You can pick out the locals, too. They’re the ones with nothing more than a blanket, a chair and a spouse for company. Everyone enjoys it in his or her own way.

Montage sunset
The Montage, Laguna Beach

The truly great thing about the sunset, though, is that there’s always going to be another one. The sky may look different, congested with fog or streaked with orange and purple, but the sun will always go down. It’s constant, a sign of God’s unchanging presence in a world full of chaos.

SC Pier Sunset
T Street, San Clemente

xx, Brooke

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