So I decided to start a blog…

Hello there,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Brooke Wanser, and I’m a recent college graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois where I received my Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Now, I’ve moved back to my hometown of Mission Viejo, California, where I am anxiously applying for jobs and learning to trust in God’s timing.

Why am I starting a blog? I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea of sharing intimate details of my life on social media. In the type of journalism I’m attracted to, the writer is in the background, not a character in the story. After the promptings of several people, however, I finally decided it might be a good idea to step outside my comfort zone. Other reasons are: it seems like fun, I have too much free time and I probably need to “brand myself” (what am I, livestock?)

What will this blog be about? Things that interest me, and maybe you too. Some topics that might come up: my love for country music and my notion of the country lifestyle, God, probably social policy, definitely coffee, food, fitness and living a balanced lifestyle, beautiful places, some of my writing and my wanderings around Orange County. When I created this account, WordPress prompted me to choose which category I wanted to put my blog into: fitness and health, or writing and books, or education, or business. That seemed silly to me, because I don’t want to box what I have to share into one category. And that just about sums me up.

More content to come…

xx, Brooke



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